My Favourite Things

My name is Pastel Vespa, and for those of you wondering what the hell kind of name is that, well, it was my mother who gave me the name Pastel.

She was a street singer in Brazil where I was born, and she had a pretty hard kind of a life, and the only nice word she knew in English was 'Pastel' and she wanted me to have a better kind of a life, a Pastel kind of life.

And many people ask where I come from, usually because they can't tell and I say to them, I was born in Brazil but I've lived all over the place. The Vespa is from my father, he's from the Milano Vespa family and that's in the North of Italy, and that's where I get my blonde hair - no really!

You know it's quite sad, I've never seen my father - he left my mother when he found out that she was pregnant with me. It is my wish that one day my father will take me back into his arms, into his life and into his will because I hear he's got quite a lot of money so that would be great. But one thing that reassures me is that whenever things are really bad, we always seem to have one or two empty platitudes that seem to make us feel a whole lot better.

I've been spending quite some time in Australia - I really love it here, the beaches back home are like the beaches here, (except with guns), and I love the people too, especially I have to say a very special friend called Bob Downe who I did a show with called "Million Sellers".

I was working on a cruise ship called the "Olivio Flora", when I met Bob Downe. (He called my ship a bit of a greasy tub!). He was working on the Fairstar Funship, and one night I jumped ship and we decide to work together.

Well, that's enough for now, there's plenty more about m in my website. Why not start with a tour of My Favourite Things to get to know me a little better?

Takin' the Back Roads

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