My Favourite Things


(Siesta 2002)

01: In My Automobile
02: L'anarchie Dans L'U.K.
03: Teenage Dirtbag
04: California Dreamin'
05: Tubthumping
06: Evie I, II & III
07: Ironic
08: The Boys are Back in Town
09: The Girl from Ipanema
10: Living on a Prayer
11: Peaches
12: Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick
13: I Was Made for Loving You

This is my first full length CD and I am very excited about it!
Brought to you by the stylish people at Siesta.

It's full of great Pastel hits all lovingly arranged by Mr. John Thorn. But that's enough from me about it! Hear what my friend Mr. W. Davidson (host of The Sound Lounge - groovy radio show) had to say about it:

(Siesta 2002)

I first heard Pastel Vespa sing at The Lido. Or was it The Sands? Perhaps it was in a dream? No matter, what is important is hearing Pastel Vespa sing. To do so is to instantly replace everything that was ever mundane in your life with a world of colour, beauty and love.

But who is Pastel Vespa? She hails from Brazil, that's Brazil just south of France, west of St. Tropez and a stone's-throw from Dreamsville. Pastel Vespa is Claudine Longet in "The Party", she's Astrud Gilberto in a late nite jazz club. She's Caterina Valente, Julie London, she's Laine Kazan in a 1960's Air New Zealand commercial singing atop a mountain dressed in a billowing gown. Pastel Vespa is the voice of spring, a fresh daisy in dappled sunlight, but just as comfortable après-ski after an Audrey Hepburn-style day on the slopes. Sports cars, long white scarves and knitted dresses. This is the world of Pastel Vespa.

You hold in your hands "L'Anarchie", the first full-length album and testament to the talent of this new star. Armed with unforgettable songs by Messrs. Lynott, Morrisette, Dury and Rotten, amongst others and aided by the rhapsodic musical direction of Mr. John Thorn, Pastel takes you on a journey into exciting new musical terrain. Mariachi bands strum where electric guitars once howled, smooth lounge blows the angst from Chumbawamba and "Ironic" gets the torch song treatment it always craved. Pastel slows the KISS classic "I Was Made For Lovin' You" down to a bedroom purr, "Teenage Dirtbag" goes adult-contemporary and "Evie Pts 1, 2 & 3", the quintessential Australian 70's rock anthem, becomes a melding of lounge, The Carpenters and Latin disco! Yes the boys are back in town, but this time they're packing marimbas! And as for Pastel's singing, suffice to say it's so warm, you could toast marshmallows.

I did first hear Pastel Vespa sing in a dream, one I'm pleased to say has become a reality. Vive L'Amour! Vive L'Anarchie!


Takin' the Back Roads

The new album is here!