My Favourite Things

Astrud Gilberto
This woman is a hero to me, and she's very spiritual too. And guess what , her favourite flowers are daisies. I think this is an incredible coincidence!

Herb Alpert
I love him because he helped make Latin music popular, and he's like me too, he likes guys with horns!

Bert Kaempfert
Love comes from the most unexpected places. He was a German guy, playing with that German precision we know and love, and yet he had just a little Latin-like fire .

Julie London
I love this singer , so low and growly, and so many records, my God where do you start? Actually, my favourite is 'Latin in a Satin Mood'. I love the cover just for starters (I like the way she makes use of fabric), but I also love the male vocal trio. I have always wanted one myself, one that doesn't sound too macho, just like hers.

Vikki Carr
Another popular Latin (Mexican) singer who changed her name to something a little easier. (Florencia Bisenta de Casillas Marinez Cardona is a little big to fit on CD covers after all.)

Free Design
Great harmonies, and great music , up there with the Fifth Dimension.

Margo Guryan
She deserved the fame of Astrud and Claudine, (and she wrote her own songs), but now her album 'Think of Rain' is becoming a collector's item, and yes, I am one of the lucky ones!

Peggy Lee
What a great jazzer , but I love her album 'Latin a la Lee' , dig that authentic afro-Cuban beat !

Blossom Dearie
Funny, talented, and a little eccentric , how perfect!

Serge Gainsbourg
You know I have a soft spot for the French! Apart from being famous for telling Whitney Houston on national television that he would like to do something to her that didn't impress her at all, he is known and loved in France (and of course Japan).

He also experimented with jazz and afro-Cuban beats. My favourite album is 'Couleur Café'. (He was also known for his affair with Brigitte Bardot and married the English Jane Birkin, another actress who could never quite reach the notes, he thought it sounded very sexy, is there a pattern forming here?)

Takin' the Back Roads

The new album is here!

Favourite Things